pre issue


julia fullerton-batten / deidre brennan / aleksandra kaluza / derek brunell / monika fabijanczyk / kasia kalua krynska / ciara o’halloran / paul kelly / teresa martin varela / philippe holderied / kasia zmokla

format: 42×29.5 / number of pages: 32 + cover / paper: edixion challenger

// pre issue / digital version available here

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pre issue

here at blow we have been busy thinking and creating. we have been thinking about how many innovative and fantastic photographers there are in dublin and ireland, and how there are so few outlets to showcase both personal and professional work, while also displaying a myriad of styles, techniques and subject matter. this talent cannot go unseen, and similarly, this work deserves to be published alongside established image makers from across the globe, showing that we all belong to the same club; we are photographers.

what we have created is blow magazine.

blow is our answer to an image-based collection of personal projects, experimental editorials and previously unseen work – a platform for photographers to be published, recognised and celebrated.

this teaser issue is just a taste of what’s to come; a high quality portfolio of work to be published quarterly and a chance for all photographers to have their work noticed. this preview issue also features the stunning work of julia fullerton-batten, a photographer who combines the ending of childhood and youth with the suspension of reality and the exaggeration of the mundane.

we want blow to be as much yours as it is ours, and we are open to both submissions and suggestions.

so hold your breath, wait… then simply blow.