issue 6 // stories


gihan tubbeh / nadia sablin / motoyuki daifu / chad moore / pieter ten hoopen / mateusz sarello / michael grieve / dirk braeckman / patrick zachmann / christophe agou / michael hess / andrej krementschouk / adrian crispin / will hartley /jacob aue sobol

format: 38×29 / number of pages: 48 + cover / paper: edixion challenger

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issue 06

a picture is worth a thousand words – an old saying goes. there is certainly truth in this – photographs, whether taken by a professional photojournalist or by an amateur photographer during a family gathering, have the ability to convey stories to those that view them. a photograph communicates mood, narrative, emotion, ideas and meaning – all of which are crucial elements of good storytelling.

blow magazine/issue 6 is bringing you stories by photographers from of all over the world. these narratives belong to the genre of documentary photography, but what they chronicle is not necessarily significant historical or social events. instead we have focused on more personal, intimate stories or real life reportage.

when looking at the selection of photographs in this issue, you will notice an underlining current that flows through all of them. the stories they tell are about forgotten places and forgotten people, marginalised communities or alienated individuals, night walkers and outsiders – the stories of “the other”.

we are delighted to present a selection of photographs by a renowned magnum photographer patrick zachmann from an album entitled “un jour, la nuit” (“once upon a night”), as well as an in depth interview with patrick.

other highlights include photographs by jacob aue sobol (magnum nominee) from his album “sabine”, gihan tubbeh, a peruvian photographer whose emerging talent is dramatically illustrated in our front cover image of adrian, a 13 year old autistic boy, and much more…

we thank all the photographers who contributed to this wonderful issue.

we hope you enjoy this issue of blow and thank you for your continued support.

here are the stories…