issue 4 // landscape & architecture


david farrell / petur thomsen / frederic delangle / alexander gronsky / kalle kataila / todd hido / edgar martins / mark lyon / corinne vionnet / myoung ho lee / nicholas alan cope / oliver most/ agata stoinska / patricio cassinoni

format: 38×29 / number of pages: 48 + cover / paper: edixion challenger

// issue 4 / digital version available here

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issue 04

as an irish publication, it gives us great pride to feature our first irish cover photographer; david farrell. a seasoned landscape photographer, david’s insights into photographing the land are truly inspirational. his understanding of the relationship between man and landscape and the layers of human history embedded in the earth changes our interpretation of landscape as purely visual or aesthetic.

in addition to a study of our environment, this issue includes both urban landscape and architecture as an extension of our vernacular surroundings. architecture itself derives inspiration from the landscape and also speaks to us in terms of historical voice and social requirement.

what unfolds in this issue is the contemporary photographer as explorer. not only do the featured artists venture out into the world to return with images from afar, they reveal as much about ourselves as the world we live in and where we are headed.

and so we present to you issue four, the landscape issue. yours to discover and explore.