issue 3 // body


elina brotherus / erwin olaf / kristen hatgi / ivan pinkava / aneta bartos / carrie levy / bettina rheims / andrew einhorn / jen davis / catherine larre / richard lohr / jh engstrom / agata stoinska / wiebke leister / elinor carucci / sakiko nomura / kasia krynska / pawel lisiak

format: 38×29 / number of pages: 48 + cover / paper: edixion challenger

// issue 3 / digital version available here


issue 03

a little over a year ago, blow magazine was no more than a loose idea waiting to take shape. over the past twelve months we have cultivated a visual collection to honour the printed image, to celebrate known photographers and to shed a light on fresh talent.

so it is with celebration in mind that we present to you our third issue: the body issue. one of the most photographed of subjects, the human body is infinite in its ability to communicate visually. regularly a study of shape and form, sometimes a tool for social commentary and often a subject of controversy, the body acts as a human landscape with endless possibilities for expression and interpretation.

the question surrounding this issue is simple; how do we choose to celebrate the body? to answer this, we have assembled a wonderful cross section of contemporary photographers to illustrate the vast spectrum of this subject matter.

we are honoured to feature the work of elina brotherus, a photographer that urges us to question the fluctuating roles of the photographer/model dynamic of self portraiture by implementing a classical, painterly interpretation of the nude.
what emerges in this issue is a collection of attitudes, feelings and perceptions of what it means to be young, old, scarred, pregnant, vulnerable, happy or indifferent. our bodies are unique expressions, as are the images within these pages – all telling their own personal story.