Twins, Italy 2010

His field is the image of a man - predominantly full body portraits, in which the colour is greatly reduced and the sitters always look at the camera. Tübke is interested in the representation of individuality and uniqueness of man. By focusing the gaze and through the sensitive observed posture of the person he manages to create images of a very high intensity but also succeeds in the sense of a documentary approach to preserve objectivity. tübke is interested in an ‘inner energy‘ of passerbyers. he tries to capture their uniqueness and individuality.

issue: 07 - Portraits
title: Twins, Italy 2010
size: 38 cm x 47 cm
medium: epson hot press bright smooth matte
edition of 25
price: €1 300

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Albrecht Tübke

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    Albrecht Tübke // german
    Twins, Italy 2010

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    Albrecht Tübke // german
    Citizens, Berlin 2001


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